Telehealth Services

Providing quality medical care to you in the comfort of your home.

Telehealth Appointments

We value the health and safety of our patients, partners, staff and community residents as our top priorities.

We are continuing to offer many of our medical and behavioral health appointments via telehealth visits.

What to Expect

Patients with scheduled appointments will receive instructions on telehealth if it is appropriate for their situation. Access to a phone or computer with a web camera with audio will be necessary for a telehealth visit. The process is simple and easy.

Lower Lights Health is offering telehealth to both insured and uninsured patients, and even new patients. Call 614-274-1455 (option 1) to make a telehealth appointment or an in-person appointment. Interpretation services are available with telehealth.

Telehealth appointments are available on Thursday evenings as well as during regular daytime hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Ask About Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth Hours:

Weekdays 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Evening hours also available on Thursdays.


  • No Need for Transportation — Instead of arranging for a ride, taking the bus or driving to one of our locations, you can meet with one of our providers from the comfort of your own home.
  • Scheduling Convenience — Instead of arranging to take time off work plus the time needed to get to and from the appointment, you can meet with a provider at a time that’s convenient to you. Telehealth appointments are available weekdays from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. with extended evening hours on Thursdays.
  • Safety — During COVID-19 we are making every effort to keep our health centers clean and safe. A telehealth visit allows you to see a provider without leaving your own home.

Yes, in most cases. Call 614-274-1455 (option 1) to schedule an appointment.

Either a smartphone or a home computer with internet access and a web camera with audio can be used for your telehealth visit. At your visit time, your provider will send you a link via your email account or text a link to your smartphone. All you need to do is click on the link and you’ll be able to sign in for your appointment.

  • The most common issue is related to equipment. Sometimes the images are not clear enough to allow for a medical decision. The equipment used could also result in delays in the medical evaluation due to deficiencies in the equipment.
  • Also, in the same way as an in-person visit, lack of access to complete medical records could result in problems like drug interactions or allergic reactions, or other judgment errors. Our providers will have access to your medical records during your visit, however.
  • Lastly, in rare cases, there could be a breach of privacy of personal medical information. While we do everything we can to ensure patient privacy, the patient must take care to be in a private location during the call or they may inadvertently expose health information to others. Additionally, breaches can take place if the patient’s computer is not secure.

Most insurance does cover telehealth. During this pandemic, Medicaid has eased the requirements for telehealth. These appointments will come at no cost to our Medicaid patients.

The required slide payment for a telehealth visit is the same as an in-person visit. Payment can be taken over the phone or other arrangements can be made for payment.

Some insurance companies are waiving co-payments, but a co-payment may still be required. This amount is determined by your insurance plan. We can accept credit and debit cards over the phone for the payment of this amount.

We will then bill your co-pay amount to your account and send you an invoice for payment.

As with in-office visits, qualifying patients can receive a discounted payment based on income and family size. Please call us at 614-274-1455 and ask to speak with someone about available discounts.

Your provider will review your medical history to determine if lab work or other tests are needed in order to refill the prescription. In some cases, the telehealth visit is sufficient to authorize prescription refills or issuance of new prescriptions.

All our primary care providers will have the ability to conduct telehealth visits. Your provider will determine whether telehealth is appropriate for your next visit.

We want to ensure you are fully aware of the advantages and risks of telehealth and that we have fully answered any questions you may have prior to the visit. It is your right to refuse to consent to care via telehealth.

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