Spiritual Care

At Lower Lights Health, primary care means physical, mental and spiritual care.

Spiritual Care 

Care at Lower Lights is truly holistic. Faith plays a large role in a person’s physical and mental well-being. Our spiritual care services are designed to engage every aspect of a person in their healthcare, including their religious beliefs.

Spiritual Care Services

We believe it is critical to provide care for the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. As such, our spiritual care liaison is available to listen, encourage and pray with you.

To be seen by our spiritual care team:

  • Patients may fill out a prayer request card.
  • Patients may request to speak with a spiritual care volunteer.
  • Patients have the opportunity during an appointment to be referred by their provider to speak with someone from the Spiritual Care Team.

What to Expect

Our Spiritual Care Services are open to everyone, regardless of belief or religious affiliation. The goal of Spiritual Care is for a person to have someone to listen to them, encourage them and, if invited to, pray.

Patients will feel accepted regardless of their faith background. Our Spiritual Care Program is committed to helping others take comfort from their faith journey without imposing a particular denomination or faith tradition.


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