LLCHC’s Dietitian

LLCHC’s registered and licensed dietitian educates patients on how to make choices for optimum health. She partners with patients to help manage chronic diseases, discuss personal food-related challenges and make changes that can lead to a healthier personal eating pattern with or without specific health concerns.

Our registered dietitian is available to help with large and small diet-related changes, including:

  • Diet strategies for pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Suggestions for shifting to a food pattern that can help control hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Choosing foods that can help lower elevated cholesterol or triglyceride levels
  • Weight management
  • Healthy eating during pregnancy
  • Feeding an infant or child as one part of helping them reach their full potential

Patients may ask their LLCHC doctor or nurse to refer them to the LLCHC dietitian for nutrition counseling and guidance.